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July 20, 2012
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The-Horror-OCT: Hostess, Jenn the Zombie by FreakyZombieChick The-Horror-OCT: Hostess, Jenn the Zombie by FreakyZombieChick
The Zombie hostess of :iconthe-horror-oct:

Name: Jenn (Jennifer, Jenny, Zombie Girl/Chick; she’ll respond to anything you call her)
Monster: Zombie
Age: Unknown (early 20s)
Gender: Female
Height: 5 ft. 4 in.
Weight: 135 lbs.
Skin Color: Unhealthy grey
Eye Color: Chocolate Brown
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Hair Style: Curly messy, long hair
Clothes: Torn blue crop top, ripped thigh lavender socks, purple underwear with holes, bra showing, and glasses

:bulletpurple: Kind
:bulletpurple: Caring
:bulletpurple: Silly
:bulletpurple: Sweet
:bulletpurple: Thick Skin
:bulletpurple: Serious when the time calls for it

:bulletpurple: Double Stuffed Oreos
:bulletpurple: Chocolate
:bulletpurple: Sweets

:bulletpurple: Cooked meats from animals
:bulletpurple: Her friends
:bulletpurple: Horror things
:bulletpurple: Purple things

:bulletpurple: Being made fun of
:bulletpurple: Mean and rude people
:bulletpurple: When people shoot and stab at her

:bulletpurple: Bugs (worms try to eat her and moths try to her clothes)

Fighting Style: Jenn is not a fighter, she prefers to talk things out and make compromises. But if pushed to the only option she will fight. She uses her whole body as a weapon, biting and clawing her way through her foes. She’ll keep punching and kicking a person even if that person begs for mercy. This zombie girl will keep on fighting even if her limbs are snapped off, bones are fractured, and her head is tore off.

Special Abilities:
:bulletpurple: Getting any bodily fluids into the body, meaning if her blood or saliva gets into you will turn into a zombie
:bulletpurple: Bite force can break bones in half
:bulletpurple: Body can reattach itself if torn apart (can’t say the same about her clothes)
:bulletpurple: Body can heal itself
:bulletpurple: Can still talk if head is tore from her body
:bulletpurple: Can feel little to no pain
:bulletpurple: Can talk to other zombies, even to simple moans and grunts

:bulletpurple: She slows down in colder temperatures, and can become immobile at the freezing point
:bulletpurple: Depending how badly her body is torn apart; it will take her longer to reattach her body pieces together
:bulletpurple: Her body needs the original pieces in order to reattach herself

Background Information: Jenn wasn’t always a zombie. She used to be human in the living world. She found a portal in a dark forest she was exploring. Going against her better judgment, Jenn jumped into it ending in The Horror. At first she loved it since she loved the dark and scary things. But later on when the portal closed, Jenn realized she was trapped and had to find a way home. When trying to find a way back, a zombie surprised her and bit her back. After she was transformed into a zombie, the young lady did the best with the situation. Jenn vowed from that point on: if any mortal falls into The Horror that she would help them find their way home.

Even though Jenn might seem happy and silly all the time, she hides her true feeling from people. Sometimes she can be found sitting on grave stones, crying really loud to herself. What she cries about ranges from old emotions of her past life to someone being mean to her.

Fun facts:
:bulletpurple: Even though she is a zombie and her body is dead, Jenn smells like lavender flowers not rotting flesh.
:bulletpurple: Jenn hates when people assume she eats brains. She doesn’t even like the thought of eating organs, let alone raw ones.
:bulletpurple: She loves her clothes too much that it has holes in them. She doesn’t want to change into new ones.
:bulletpurple: She is a big fan of cats.
:bulletpurple: Oreos make her smile a whole lot.
:bulletpurple: She loves her messy, curly hair. She hasn’t brush it since she turned into a zombie, fearing it will fall off if she brushes it.
:bulletpurple: She has a scar of a bite wound on her back, but her clothes hide it.
:bulletpurple: Jenn has a music box that plays a lovely tune in her bedroom. She rarely plays it, only late at night and when she alones does she open the music box. [link]


Base (c) :iconchaossoda:
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I don't think I mentioned this before, but great character! :) Her personality and backstory are very well-defined. She was a lot of fun to draw in my audition. :D
I also have a question - are the whites of her eyes actually white, or black? I saw a picture where they were black, so I'm not sure... ^^;
FreakyZombieChick Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2012
Well thank you.

They are black but her eyes still shine.
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I mean, really! If you checked my art, they look crappy. Your art is sooooo much better!
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