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January 24, 2012
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"You left us all."


"I need someone back then, and you left for outer space and did your alien crap you do."

"Mike, you don't understand."

"The make me understand!!" Mike had snapped at her. He had finished his second cigarette; he crushed the bud under his boot. His face was stern with anger and some hatred for the alien. His face showed time with restless nights and the grip of age setting in the corners on her mouth and eyes.

LaLa on the other hand looked the same as before. The years didn't affect her face, smooth and soft of youth. Her face was hurt and suffering of the pains of mike's harsh words. Then she started to explain, "I had to leave for my home world, my family needed help."

"But what took you so many years, usually it only takes you a few weeks?"


"Tell me already."

"I was working on my powers to become stronger."

"It took you that long?"

"Yes and no."

They fell silent; the air was getting thick of their tension. Even Henna, who was standing a few yards away, could feel it.

"How's life treating you so far?" LaLa broke the ice.

"How do you think my life is going?" he said, his words still had anger for her.

"Taking you anger out on me won't do anything."

"It makes me feel better."

"And you think it won't have any effect on me?" LaLa stated, her extra-terrestrial eyes pierced his. "You changed for sure, but I think you changed for the worst. I thought-"

"There is your problem right there LaLa," Mike interrupted her. "You think too much and you think you are a great judge of character when you are not. I won't matter anymore if you came back or not."

"But I did come back." LaLa stood up, even if Mike had grown taller since they last so each other, she still over towered him. "I'm not asking forgiveness that would be too easy. I just wanted to you and the others before Death whispered for your name I, instead, am immortal to Death with time and age, but disease can take over my body." she sighed.

"Is that why you look the same?"

"Yeah, nothing is worse than seeing you loved die from age as you live on."

"You still look as beautiful when we first met."

"I'll see you some other time; hopefully you won't be in the ground when I do visit again."

Mike lighted his third cigarette, breathing in deep of the smoke. LaLa rested her hand on his shoulder than she slowly drew it back. She didn't show that much of an attachment to him like when he was younger. She showed some kind of affection through a caring smile or a warm hug, or even a sweet kiss. But she did nothing. Their bonds were slowly being unconnected, their friendship dying in front of them.

His dark brown eyes looked up to gaze at the aliens. LaLa was leading away, her feet not touching the ground, while Henna followed. LaLa didn't even look back at him as they walked away. She turned around to look at him, and then went back to her dear friend. He remembered how annoyed he would get when LaLa shout back at him and wave goodbye at him. He remembered the little things she did that he missed the most.

Mike was losing her and couldn't get her back. He wasn't sure if he was grateful to be in his life, or wished she never had to experience the pain.
Not too sure where I'm going with this...


Mike (c) ~RadecMaelsev
Henna and La La (c) me
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RadecMaelsev Jan 24, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
damn this is depressing me. i loved their friendship, but mike would do something like this D:
I think he might push her away till she stops trying, and even stops caring for him all together. I can see in his older teens that she might annoy him till he gets mad, and even push her out but knew she'll come right back like a rubberband. I think she cared for him so much because she saw potential in him to become a caring person. But at the end he cut off one of persons that cared for who he was, not for what he had done.
RadecMaelsev Jan 25, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Yeah, the late teens and early adulthood was a horrible time for him... And so because of that, it takes him a while to warm up to people he meets or even once knew.
Although that changes later in his life...
Yeah, it's very sad for them.
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