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January 22, 2012
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"Do we have to go?"

"Of course we have to go, Mike is my friend and I haven't seen him in almost five years."

"It been longer than five years on Earth," Henna said.

"What do you mean?" LaLa asked.

"Earth travels faster around its sun and it only feels like five years to us, it has been about ten years," Henna explained.

She placed her feet high on the control panel, listening to the soft music of the ship. LaLa was quite, she didn't know how much time had passed. A being, like her, didn't know how precious time and age was to those who were affected by it. She floated to the ground and stretched out her long legs and arms, feeling the cold metal floor.

Henna sat up in her chair and spun around to face her dear friend. Then she said, "You're human friend's won't live forever, waiting to say goodbye to them will only make things worst in the end."

"I wonder what I'll wear," LaLa ignored her advice.

"I mean it LaLa, death is eternal."

"And so is immortality of age."

They fell silent for the longest time. Then Henna broke the silence of the control room.

"I think you should wear the light pink one, you know the two-piece one."

"The one with the dark grey beading?"

"Yeah I like that one a lot," Henna said, her face flushed a bit.

LaLa just smiled at her and spoke, "I'm going to get cleaned up before we land, care to join me?"

"A tempting offer but I'll have to pass. I'm going to make something to eat," she answered.

Next, LaLa floated to her feet and walked out the control room, heading for her quarters.
I don't plan to make a story out of this, maybe just random scenes or something. I most likely will do some scenes with otherís people's OCs. I bet when LaLa and Henna meet up with Mike, he'll be mad at LaLa for showing for ten plus years, feeling she wasn't a real friend and blah blah. Then LaLa will say something like how is immortal to time, like an elf, and wanted to see her old friends before time ends for them. And I donít know where Iím taking thisÖ

So if you feel this might be a cool story give your opinions about it even ideas for scenes if you want.


Mike (c) ~RadecMaelsev
Henna and La La (c) me
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RadecMaelsev Jan 22, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Lol I wouldn't be surprised if Lala was creeped out about how Mike looks when he's older.
I jsut think he'll just more mad at her for leaving earth for so long to do her own things with Henna. She might be more disappointed in him than creeped out.
RadecMaelsev Jan 22, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Yeah, probably. He'd be like "why the hell did you leave? I needed someone" or something like that, he was still tackling a lot of problems even as a young adult.
Then she like, "But I'm here now, doens't that count?" People have issues...
RadecMaelsev Jan 22, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Indeed they do especially mike
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