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December 14, 2011
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Every time Lala tried to kick or fly away she would get sunk in deeper. She was about in her knees in the goop when she went to her last resort. Her dark, tan hands went to her pants, undoing her white belt then her zipper and button of her jeans. Her skinny jeans and pumps went inside the monster as she got freed without her pants. As she floated closer to the ground, a shocking pain exploded in her calves, she screamed in pain and misery as she crashed into the snow.

Henna rushed to the lawn of snow and ran to her friend's side. Calida and Mike rushed in too, ready for their friend. The alien's legs were cold and worn by the air, but she had burns on them. Rodney and Sabrina ran from the porch to help out.

"Fuck!!" Lala continued to scream in pain and agony in the silent night.

"Calida, take her inside to my bedroom bathroom, its big enough for her."


Rodney was the one who picked up Lala by her chest, using slow fluid motions to ease her pain. She gripped tightly around his neck. Mike gripped under her thighs, trying to be gentle with her. As the group left Henna and the others to fight, she then thought of an idea.

"Hey Saver I need you to do something."

"What is it?" he asked.

"I need you to distract the creature as I go head on it."

"Sounds like a plan."


Mike tried his hardest to go slow, but with each scream and groan from Lala didn't help him, plus her losing her jeans from the monster didn't help at all. Finally the group made it up the stairs and into Henna's room. It looked fit for a queen and the bathroom was even better. The two boys placed Lala down by the rim of the tub. Right in front of them she started to strip.

"Okay, thanks but time for you guys to get out," Calida said, pushing the guys out.

Sabrina followed Rodney out of the room. Mike followed them out. Tenjina rushed pass the trio, and closed the bathroom doors. A soft cry escaped Lala's lips as the warm water was turned on. Soon the trio ran down the stairs to go outside.


The angel, Saver, jumped up high and flew around the monster, making it mad. Henna used her plan. Her metal outfit started to form with her skin and curves, encasing her in a protective barrier. Her liquid metal flexed and relaxed as she moved, being a second skin to her. Henna was now a black blotch in a winter wonderland of snow white.

Saver moved away, letting the fight go to Henna. Her guests moved outside, but stayed in the porch, to see her duo. She went to the street as the tar monster roared at her. She didn't flinch nor protective herself. She then bolted at it in full gear, crashing her body into the tar. It roared and hissed.

"Did she just lunged herself into that thing?"

"Is she alright?"

"She's going to get herself killed."

The guests were waited for her and anxiety tension was building up in the air. The tar monster belched black smog and gurgled some more. The bottom of it started to stretch; it didn't look like another arm but Henna. She was trying to break free from the monster. In her left hand she held a small orb that glowed neon green, the core of the monster. Her body suit looked glossier than the dull creature. When she was about to be freed, its arms wrapped around her waist and shoulders, it was pulling her back. Sparks threw into the air, as she pressed her heels down to stop moving. But she was still being pulled back against all her might. Soon her heels gave out. Like a slingshot, her body hurried backwards to the monster, her back glued to it.

"Help!!" she screamed out, trying to get out but has nothing to grip too.

Dragoon flew out of the crowd to help out but the monster had other ideas. She tried to get closer to Henna but the monster used it whip arms to scare her away. Hydra joined in to help his friend. They flew around the tar monster, giving Henna a chance to escape, but she couldn't.

The two ghosts used their flying to distract the monster. Saver joined in. Rodney and Sabrina ran outside to see the whole mess. Rodney didn't hesitate and bolted towards Henna, now just her upper torso and arms sticking out of the tar. The silent, yet strong being gripped around her shoulders and pulled on her, Henna felt her spine and muscles stench beyond her limits. But she was freed.

The flyers moved fly away when a nasty roar escaped the tar monster's mouth. Henna still had the glowing orb in her hands, but she shattered it with great strength. It turned into black smoke and so did the tar itself. No more roars or acid skin to touch, everything was silent and at peace. The fighters moved back to the crowd, to go into the warm and cozy indoors.

Once they were all inside, Henna locked the door and went to the kitchen. She got her wine glass and poured herself a drink. She was about to take a sip when she realized her face was still covered by the metal liquid. It slowly dissolved away, and she could take a gulp of her drink. She turned around to face Mike.

"This suit made of the same stuff as your gloves," she spoke.

"That's fucking wicked," he said.

"But the full body suit rides up in some places, and hugs everything."


The wine bottle was almost empty but Henna had more in the fridge. She chugged done the last mouthful of the bottle, not caring the way she looked. She then went to the fridge and got two bottles of wine out. She poured the glasses and made her hers barely touch the brim. Then the hostess made her way to the living room, everyone was there, to be by the fire place.

Another scream came from upstairs. Lala was still in agony, she crying and shouting in misery. The screams have been going on for about thirty minutes since the monster was destroyed.  Everyone was quiet and having dessert, but the life of the party had died since the before the monster came into the picture.

The sound of the running water stopped, and a few steps could be heard. Everyone looked up when the footsteps went the stairs. Calida came down to the first floor and got something to drink.

"How is she?" Mike broke the ice of silence.

"Well the monster was buildup of acid, and gave her second degree burns on her legs. If she wasn't being human tonight, her legs would have melted off. Her skinny jeans saved her," Calida, answered. She took a small glass of wine, not even half way filled, and sipped at it, tasting the toxic of alcohol run down her throat.


"But her immune system is excellent condition, so she'll help in half the time of a human."

"Even better," Henna said.

"I think you should apologize to her, Romulo," Calida stated.

Romulo could feel the crowd of eyes peering into his body, feeling guilty for everything. Everyone looked at him, for his answer.

Then he said, "Fine."

The short man got up the crouch and went to the stairs. He turned back once to see their eyes again. Then he went up.


Tenjina walked out Henna's bedroom, not taking note of Romulo coming into the room. He went inside and took the surroundings. He felt like he went into the bed chambers of a king, but instead of a queen. He had to admit, Henna had good taste in home deigns. The soft draining of water got louder as he gazed into the bathroom. Then he saw the alien in her true form.

Lala was sitting on the counter sink, putting lotion and aloe on her burns. She cringed a bit from the stinging but she knew it would help her legs. She didn't look at him but she knew who it was.

"What do you want?" she asked colder than ice.

Romulo was nervous and scared. He knew what the alien woman could do, and knowing she saved him even though he was horrible to her. She had the right to be more than angry with him.


"I don't have all night, I leave the morning."

"Where are you going?"

"Why do you care?"


"I you're not going to tell me then just leave me alone," she said, coldly still.

She then floated a bit to grab some bandages from the medicine cabinet. Lala started to warp her burned calves, being careful with them. Then Romulo, out of the blue, held her heel, holding it steady for her. She looked at him; shocked, surprised, anger, happiness he didn't know what she was thinking about him. The short man was excepting her to kick her leg I his face, for her to yell him, or even slap him again, but Lala did nothing of those things.

"Thank you."

He was surprised by how her voice sounded. She sounded like a gentle soul instead of an angry one, with a touch of a soft mother inside of her. When she done he let go of her, being gentle with her legs. She bended over to get closer to his face, meeting up with his eyes and she smiled. He looked puzzled and even got more confused when Lala kissed his forehead.

"I forgive you."

"But I didn't say anything."

"I read your mana, that's all I need to know."

She continued to smile ashes floated out of the bathroom. Soon Romulo followed her back to the party


The heavy tension of the house seemed to melt like snow on a warm spring day. Everything from before was forgotten and the party went on. The desserts, silly games, and even simple conversations were bliss for everyone.

Soon the party went outside with people wearing warm outfits and throwing snowballs at each other, just having fun. But like every good thing, the party had to end and everyone went to their spate ways. They said their goodbyes, gave out hugs and even a few kisses of warmth, and the guests went on their ways back home for the night. Soon the life died down and only two remained in the party. The alien and hostess lived in the house and had to clean up. When the chores were down and the food put away for the morning, they sat by the fireplace, being closer than friends.

Henna took her eye mask off and moved over for her dear friend. Lala floated to her lap, with two mugs of chocolate in her hands. The drinks had marshmallows and peppermint sticks to stir the whip cream and chocolate together. Lala was human for this moment. Henna combed her fingers through her white hair, feeling how thin it was compered to hers. They got closer and took in the heat of fire, feeling cozy and warm with each other.

"This was a good night."

"A crazy one but good night."

"We should do it next year."

"Yeah but at someone else's home," Henna said, taking a sip of her drink.

"It went better than I thought," Lala said. "I like the color of your eyes."

"I know, I like yours more," Henna said, stroking the alien's hair.

She then pulled the blankets over their legs and chest, moving closer to get warm. Lala smiled and moved to her lap enjoying the warmth. They stared in silence at the fire, enjoying the dancing blazes. Soon they fell asleep in each other's arms as the fire died down, with empty hot chocolate mugs and eaten candy in their hands.

They fell into a deep slumber before they could hear jolly laughter and clicking sounds on the roof. Even after the shouting and screaming, and the tar monster fight, the pair remembered to put out cookies and milk for the night.
So this story is coming to a close and Santa is on his way with gifts and presents. The tar monster is defeated, and the fight from before has melted away. And the party lives on but shortly dies when the sun goes down and it gets late in the night.

:iconhali-chan: asked if she could change her OC and I did for her. I might do a short epilogue to this story, but not sure what to write about. I hoped you guys enjoyed it.

Also I still would love for someone to draw me a full pic of all the OCs, or do frames of pictures taken by the guests. It doesn't ahve to be great and perfect, it even can be bust shots of everyone. Please and thankies.


Story, La La, Krista, and Henna (v) :iconfreakynintendochic:
Mariko and Damien (c) :iconyukiyoshihama:
Tenjina (c) :iconhali-chan:
Mike, Romul and Josef (c) :iconradecmaelsev:
Saver (c) :iconyukohanna:
Rodney and Sabrina (c) :iconyukohanna::iconbity16:
Calida (c) :iconelvenspells:
Dragoon and Hydra (c) :icondragoonbooprod:
WOOOO It's done~ :iconravesplz:
I really liked it :^D
Rodney didn't talk in all the story... You got him perfect! 8D You got Sabrina pretty well too. :U But Saver is more rude... even with pressure he's rude.
oh I'll fix it then
Okay, thanks~ C:
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