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February 3, 2012
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Luke had waited for the fall to come, the hard painful death of gravity. He just heard the loud thump of the shadow monster. He dared open his eyes and saw he was floating; he looked down and saw he was up a few good feet, enough to die from. His back wasn't carrying Faith's weight anymore, but he could still feel her.

"Faith?" he asked.

"Yeah…" she replied.

"You're floating."

"I know and I'm scared."

"That's fine that's perfectly fine, just get us to the stairs and I'll do the rest."

"I can't…" she cried.

"You can, you mom can do this in a breeze, she'll be proud of you."

"Okay…I'll try…"

Faith started to move, her flight was very rock compared to her mother's flawless flying. She swayed side to side, and stopped a few times. And Luke didn't rush her, he had trust in her. The alien was able to bring to the stairs, but with a crash landing to the wall. They got up and felt silent. Faith was scared and wanted her mother more than ever before. She gripped Luke's hand, squeezing as hard as she can.

"Don't worry I'll get us out of here," Luke reassured her.

"I want mommy," Faith cried, tears rolled down her face.

They started to walk. The duo moved downstairs, not sure where to go. They were mostly waiting for a shadow to grab them from behind. But the sound of a whale made them jump. Luke ran, pulling Faith with him. They hid in the dining area of the restaurant, hiding under tables. Luke looked up to see a giant whale shark looking around; it had sharp teeth in its mouth. It turned over tables and chairs, looking for them. Then it tipped over the table the two were hiding at. In a last effort, Faith formed a shield over her and Luke. Her small shield was no match for the monsters jaw, it clamped down on their bodies. Luke and Faith were consumed by the darkness like all their friends before them.


Yuki's head was pounding again. There was barely any light to see by; she waited till her eyes adjusted. Then she tried to move, she could move her head. She gazed ahead of her to see a face.

She recognized it and called out, "Mike, wake up."

He just groaned but soon woke up. "Where are we?"

"I don't know, but I think the others are here too."

"I can't move my head or my body…I feel so tired…"

"I can just move my head; I'll take a look around."

Mike closed his eyes as Yuki looked around. Her cats were paying off; she had spot another friend on the ceiling and another by their feet.

"There's someone by our feet and I think Calida of Henna is on the ceiling, someone with long hair."

"We have to do something," he said.

"I'm out of ideas."

They went silent when a hissing sound came from above them. A soft clicking of a hard material came closer to them.

"Hush my darling; we don't want to wake up our guests."

The hissing stopped but the clicking continued. The two saw a very slender woman standing over them, her skin looked gray as concrete and glittery as glass. The clicking sound was coming from her purple pumps. In replace of hair, she had a long shadow thing coming out her skull. It looked the creatures from before, having no true shape and darker than the night. Her eyes were bright purple, giving her a demonic feel.

"A few are awaking up, sister" another woman stated.

"Let them wake up," the demon said.

Then she walked off. The other woman was talking came into view of Yuki and Mike. Her skin matched the demon but her face seemed softer, even gentle. Her eyes were bright pink and hair was like a moving sunset, free from gravity. The woman just looked around and continued to walk on.

"I think I can free my hands," Yuki whispered.

"Okay," Mike replied.

And Yuki did just that, she was able to free her right hand. She had used her claws to break free from her binds. She did the same for Mike and then she helped him up.

"Let's go find the others," she said.

He just nodded his head and they went off. They were lucky to find the others close to them. But they still had to find Henna and LaLa. But soon they bumped into one of them.

"No way," Luke said.

"How did she get like that?" Calida questioned.

"Mommy…" Faith moved closer to the giant crystal that incased her mother. LaLa was the only one trapped in a crystal, her body twisted in the cold stone.

"Is she dead?" Mike dared asked.

"No, I can feel her energy," Sven said.

"I can feel it too," Calida said, taking a few steps closer. She placed her hands on the crystal, feeling the radiating warmth of the alien.

Faith looked at her mother, clueless in how to free her.

"Oh look my dear sister, our guests are awake," a woman said behind them.

They all turned to see the demon from before had her arms crossed under her bust, her shadow hair moving wildly. Then the other sister came to view, she floated from the ceiling and landed with grace. This woman looked peaceful and even regretful compared to her sister.

"Helene, take out the magic beings, I'll take the normal ones," the demon said.

"Okay Zerlene," Helene said.

She was the one with the sunset hair. Helene went after Sven first, jumping into the air to dodge Yuki and Luke. Sven charged up his powers and short blue magic at her. His blue magic got absorbed by her sunset hair, taking it all in.

"No way!! How the fuck did you do that?!" Sven demanded an answer.

"I get it from my mother's side of the family," Helene answered, shooting her hair at him.

Calida joined the fight but the same thing happened to her. All of her magic got absorbed into the sunset hair. Luke and Yuki weren't doing so well either. Zerlene had the power over shadows, and stopped the pair in midstride, while her sister took care of Sven and Calida.

The sisters had the type advantage over the group; the group has to think of something to win this battle. Only Mike was left to fight, Faith was busy trying to free LaLa. Mike soon was taken over by Zerlene. Faith was left alone, her face red from crying.

"You grab her, she has magic," Zerlene said.

"I'm not too sure if I should," Helene doubted her sister.

"Are you questioning my authority, sister?"

"No, I'll get her."

Helene bit the inside of her lip to stop her tears. She moved closer to the child and grabbed the alien. Faith cried out a blood curdling scream, crying out for her mother. She dragged away from the crystal, her fingernails leaving tracks in the dirt. Then a loud bang made the whole room quite. The twin sisters looked up to see a huge crack on the giant crystal that enclosed the alien. The fissure started to crack large and even pieces of the pink stone broke off. Then Helene released her prisoners, and then she ran behind her sister, fearing for her own life.

"What is wrong with you, Helene?! It's just another person!!" Zerlene bellowed.

"That isn't it!!" Helene cried out. Then the crystal prison was broken, shattered into pieces. The alien was freed.

"Mommy," Faith cried out.

LaLa's eyes burned a bright pink and a smile grew to her face. She went down to her knees to hug her daughter.

"How sweet," Zerlene said.

LaLa made a nasty snarl when she stood up. The mother pushed her small daughter behind her. She continued to growl at the sisters. The, newly, freed Calida and Sven moved out the alien's way. Zerlene stopped talking but stood her ground. LaLa started to walk towards her. The two were ready to fight. LaLa made the first move, she gripped Zerlene's hair.

"Let go of my hair!!" the sister demanded.

The alien just let out a soft growl, pulling the demon closer by her hair. Then she tugged on the hair till Zerlene feel to her feet, LaLa then hauled here even closer.

"LaLa stop, we're freed, we can go," Luke said.

She didn't listen. When he tried to get closer to her, LaLa just shot him down by her arm, shoving him to the ground. Her face was different, she didn't have the soft features, and she looked mad beyond belief and took it out on anybody close to her. Then she continued to reel in Zerlene, who was at tears now, begging for mercy.

"LaLa…stop it now," Henna said behind her. Her thick arms wrapped around her. "What would you daughter think of you if you don't show mercy?"

The alien mother let go of the shadow hair and dropped to her knees. Helene went to her sister's side and held her. The rest of the group was still on their guard.

"Let's go back to yesterday." Henna cooed at the gang, while caressing LaLa's waist.
So a few of you might be wondering why LaLa went all mad gangster on the sisters. You know not to pick with a fight with a bear, well you should never ever in a billion years pick on a fight with mama bear and the cubs, mama will fuck you up then she’ll kill you. Kind of the same lines with LaLa, she still has the animal instincts inside of her, far more than a human’s, having a daughter makes her twice as deadly before her birth. LaLa turns into an angry bear with the madness of great white shark when it comes to her kid, but a sweetheart as ever.

Not too sure if I like this part as much as the others.


Story, La La, Faith, Henna, Helene, and Zerlene (c) :iconfreakynintendochic:
Yuki (c) :iconyukiyoshihama:
Mike (c) :iconradecmaelsev:
Luke and Sven (c) :iconyukohanna:
Calida (c) :iconelvenspells:
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good story ^^
but i refuse to believe that sharks have "madness"
they do what they do to survive

tis my only gripe
Thanks. Maddness might not have been the right word.
you're welcome ^^
and it's okay :P
it's common for people tojudge sharks like that
but you gotta admit...
when you live in a world where every meal might be your last...
it would be expected that you gorge yourself every chance you get!

fun fact: great white sharks actually don't like the taste of humans.
they prefer fatty foods like seals and whale meat/blubber
yeah we jsut happen to swim on their dinner plates.
many cases of shark attacks are cause by mistaken identity
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