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December 7, 2012
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+Lady and The Skull+ by FreakyZombieChick +Lady and The Skull+ by FreakyZombieChick
Name: Lady (she, woman, girl, Minotaur girl, female thing, and etc.)
Race: ???
Age: ??? (Appears to be in early 20s)
Gender: Female
Height: 5 ft. 4 in.
Height With Horns: 5 ft. 11 in.
Width of Horns: 3 ft. 2.5 in.
Weight: 155 lbs.
Body Type: Slim Hourglass
Skin Color: Slightly Tan
Eye Color: ???
Hair Color: Chocolate Brown
Hair Style: Long curly hair in a high pony tail ends between the shoulder blades
Clothes: White bandages covering the whole skull leaving only leaving room for hair and horns; light blue bandages covering breasts; lavender underwear with the Taurus zodiac sign on the back, and white boots with lavender bands that come to the knees

:bulletpurple: Quite
:bulletpurple: Hard to read emotions
:bulletpurple: Resourceful
:bulletpurple: Nasty hidden temper
:bulletpurple: Sly
:bulletpurple: Arrogant

:bulletpurple: The Skull

:bulletpurple: Sneaking up on people
:bulletpurple: Her horns
:bulletpurple: Oreos

:bulletpurple: Anyone touching her
:bulletpurple: Anyone getting near the zombie head

:bulletpurple: Unknown

Fighting Style: Lady relies mostly on her speed and horns. She’ll use her horns to intimidate and threaten her foes. Her speed comes in handy in tight spots and to dodge. As a last resort of intimidation and threats, Lady will also use The Skull to intimidate her challengers, trying to make them fear of turning into a zombie. But when it comes down to fighting, she uses her horns to ram into her opponents, aiming for the chest and neck regions. Using what she lacks in defense, Lady uses her high speed to dodge any attacks, tiring out her opponents. Lastly she’ll use her environment to her advantage, sneaking and ambushing on to her enemies, and she’ll hide for days if she must. Lady has been see hiding in tall trees to avoided fights.

Most Powerful & Strongest Attack:
Toxic Horn Smash Lady uses this attack when she smears blood, skin, plasma, and etc. from The Skull on to her horns. Then they are covered in toxic disease of the zombie virus. Subsequently, she rams them into her opponents, aiming for any open flesh from clothing or armor. Her horns rips and tears through the flesh to make sure that the zombie juices get inside of the foe’s body. Then she buys her time as the zombie disease slowly kills her challengers. Lady, lastly, merely crushes their skulls in so they won’t turn back into the walking dead.

Special Abilities:
:bulletpurple: Strong flexible bones
-The bones in her neck help support the massive weight of her horns, making them very hard to break or snap
-Her spine and pelvis are a bit thicker and sold, also used to support the weight of her horns
-Flexible enough to give to a certain degree of pressure and angle, which in normal humans it will facture, splinter, and snap the bones
:bulletpurple: Horns
-Use to intimidate and threaten her foes
-Can grow back if broken or fractured, but takes a few days
-Also used as a weapon to jam into people, or rip open their skin
:bulletpurple: Superb Hearing
-Able to hear a heartbeat, breathing, etc.
-Can even hear up to a mouse’s squeak in a noisy area
:bulletpurple: Excellent Sense of Smell
-Can smell different types of odors and aromas
:bulletpurple: The Skull
-It’s still has the disease in it, so if she bites you it only takes time to kill you
-She also talks in English and whatever language zombies speak
-The disease doesn’t seem to harm Lady at all, meaning that other strands of the disease might not affect her

:bulletpurple: No Vision
-She can’t see but The Skull can
-Her other senses make up for this lost
:bulletpurple: Little to no defense
-Having no armor leaves her bare skin to defend from weapons
-Clothing covering only the privates, no protection against extreme conditions of the elements
:bulletpurple: Arrogance
-She’ll pay no attention to her own wounds if The Skull is in trouble
-Will not help other people, meaning she will not have that many allies nor new ones
:bulletpurple: The Skull
-If separated the woman goes into a fury and attacks everything near her till she gets the head back
-The head can be a bargaining chip but it depends on the situation and what Lady will do to get the head back

Power Levels:
Attack: 4/5
Special Attack: 2/5
Defense: 2/5
Special Defense: 2/5
Speed: 5/5
Stamina: N/A /5

Background Information:The origins of Lady are unknown. She has been seen in many areas of the land. She doesn’t pause to talk to others or even move out of the way for them. She just walks and walks on. She hasn’t been seen eating, drinking or doing any other basic human needs. She tends to be seen at normal, comfortable areas, neither too hot nor cold. When she is in harsh areas, like a snow storm she’ll merely hide out till it passes or walk through it. Some do wonder if Lady even has a face under those bandages. A few think she’s not even human and just wearing a disguise.

The horned female is holding a zombie head of a woman. The head has short brown hair, with an unhealthy grey skin tone. She’s able to talk and do other things with her senses. It is called “The Skull” by most people, but it also can range from zombie head to it. The Skull has a high significance level to Lady, letting no one else to touch it or even go near it. Why she holds great importance to a zombie head, even willing to risk her life, is still unknown.

Since she only cares for The Skull first, then herself, Lady will not take notice, let alone pity on another being. If a baby was crying in distress near her, Lady will just walk pass it, not having a single ounce of compassion for the infant.

Also Lady has weird thing about sneaking up on people. It’s still unclear on why she sneaks up on people, maybe it’s to see their reactions or maybe to pass the time. Usually when you see her a few feet away and you turn away for less than a second, and when you look again at where she was at she’ll be closer. By closer, it means right next to you. The scary part is that she makes no sound what so ever, even at the dead stillness of the night she will sneak up on you. It is a skill she’s has grasped and mastered.

To add more weirdness to her, Lady will sometimes have a bag of Oreos on her person. They’re mostly the original kind or the Double Stuffed. She’s never seen eating them. But The Skull has been seeing chewing them and the bits of mashed cookies fall from the bottom of her head. If she is spot seeing having a bag of the cookies it’s best to leave her alone. Lady gets far more protective and angers easier than with the cookies.

Fun Facts:
:bulletpurple: If Lady needs the use of both of her hands, like climbing, she’ll stick The Skull on to her one of horns through her open neck.
:bulletpurple: Lady never talks, she lets The Skull do the talking for her.
:bulletpurple: Lady is asexual, or appears to be since she pays no attention to either gender. As a matter of fact she doesn’t pay attention to others at all, unless they try to touch her or get near The Skull.
:bulletpurple: Lady always seems to be clean, no matter what she’s been through.
:bulletpurple: She sometimes sharpens her horns against other strong and solid objects, like rocks, bricks, pipes, and sometimes even bones.
Name: The Skull (zombie head, it, thing and etc.)
Race: Talking Zombie
Age: ??? (Appears to be in early 20s)
Gender: Female
Height: 8.2 in.
Weight: 8.5 lbs.
Body Type: No body, just a head
Skin Color: Unhealthy Grey
Eye Color: Dark brown with black
Hair Color: Chocolate Brown
Hair Style: Short, choppy, and changes depending how being held
Clothes: None

:bulletwhite: Heartless
:bulletwhite: Cold
:bulletwhite: Sarcastic
:bulletwhite: Uncaring (excluding Lady)

:bulletwhite: Lady

:bulletwhite: The Undead
:bulletwhite: Oreos
:bulletwhite: Disgusting people

:bulletwhite: People getting close to her
:bulletwhite: Everyone else

:bulletwhite: Unknown

Fighting Style: The Skull does not fight at all. She lets Lady do the dirty work for her. If, by a very rare chance, they are separated The Skull would be helpless in a lack of a body but her biting.

Most Powerful & Strongest Attack:
Poisonous Bite Crunch If The Skull is left on her own, she will have to rely on someone picking her up. When they do that is when she strikes. She bites down, hard, breaking the skin with her bare teeth. She won’t let go till she knows for sure her own blood, saliva, and/or mucus has enter into their blood stream, infecting them with a strand of her zombie disease.

Special Abilities:
:bulletwhite: Zombie Disease
-If any type of flesh, blood, mucus, saliva, etc. gets into the foes blood steam you will turn into a zombie
:bulletwhite: Lock Jaw
-Locks on to her target and won’t let go till she knows some of her own blood, saliva, and/or mucus has enter into their blood stream. Then she lets go
:bulletwhite: Multilingual
-Able to talk even though lacking the organs to do so
-She can talk and understand Lady, even though the horned female doesn’t speak, so it sounds like a one sided conversation to everyone else
-Speaks in English and the undead language of zombies, understands both languages
-Can even order zombies (if there are any) to attack her foes till there is nothing left
:bulletwhite: Lady
-The caretaker, protector, and mode of transportation of choice of The Skull
-Lady will do anything to unsure The Skull is safe and unharmed

:bulletwhite: Just a head
-Unable to move around on her own
-Can be kicked, thrown, toss, etc.
:bulletwhite: Extreme Cold and heat
-It causes her to freeze and become immobile
-Fire and heat can kill her
-Can’t speak under extreme conditions
:bulletwhite: Relies on Lady
-Depends on Lady for everything from movement to protection to everything else

Power Levels:
Attack: 3/5
Special Attack: 4/5
Defense: 1/5
Special Defense: 1/5
Speed: 0/5
Stamina: Unlimited/5

Background Information: How The Skull turn into a zombie is unknown, or whatever happened to her body. It hard to tell how old she is, by the appearance of her face, The Skull seems to be in her early 20s maybe even in the late teens.

It is also unclear how this duo met up and decided to join forces. All that is known that they are together no matter what happens and to their surroundings. Lady always carries The Skull in her arms like a baby. How much The Skull cares for Lady is uncertain, she might be using her or she truly does cares for her, who knows.

She also has this weird thing about eating food. She enjoys it and likes to exercise her jaws. Sometimes she swallows the food bits, they just go through the hole in her neck and splats on the ground of mashed up food.

Fun Facts:
:bulletwhite: The Skull talks and answers most questions that are addressed to Lady.
:bulletwhite: She fully trusts Lady in major decisions and directions
:bulletwhite: Sarcastic remarks are to help pass the time for her and Lady. The Skull never says anything negative to her, and never dreams about it too.
:bulletwhite: Her back molar teeth are her best features, or so she claims.
:bulletwhite: The Skull enjoys sleeping naked, right against Lady
:bulletwhite: On very extremely rare occasions when the duo is sitting at a dining table, Lady will sit down in a chair but The Skull will be on the table. The bodiless female will eat away at any dish in front of her, with the help of the horned girl cutting up the food. The mashed up cuisine will either be on the ground, table or a mixture of both. Also it is not wise to touch the eaten food with bare hands since it has the active zombie disease from The Skull’s saliva.


Updated their ref sheets, had fun making up their fun facts.


Lady and The Skull (c) me
Base (c) ~deviko
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MacabreAustereRelume Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2013   Writer
Such an interesting and mysterious character concept.  Her design is great.
FreakyZombieChick Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2013
Thank you so much. It means a lot to me coming from a judge.
lord-of-the-trout Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2013
These characters are so weird and cool and...
I don't have words to describe how much I love it. I wish everyone had ideas as interesting as yours.
FreakyZombieChick Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2013
Oh thank you so much.
Cora-Chan5 Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2012
Wait, does Lady understand Zombie?
FreakyZombieChick Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2012
The undead language tongue of “Zombie Speech” is a complicated one. Since Lady doesn’t talk at all and her face is covered (aka the perfect poker-face), it’s hard to tell if she understands “Zombie Speech”. The Skull can speak both languages plus she understands what Lady is saying, even if the horned woman is silent. It kind of like how Zombie Jenn can talk to other zombies only because she is one. I apply the same principle for Ghost Hali and Vampire Cora; Hali can understand the white noise but the rest of us it is just static, and Cora can understand the ancient language of vampires. Like there is a universal language for every monster.

So I have to with I DON’T KNOW!!
Cora-Chan5 Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2012
ok, cause in the picture of her (I swear I'm almost done QAQ) I was gonna have the skull using zombue language and lady being all like "what even"
FreakyZombieChick Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2012
That sounds good.
Cora-Chan5 Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2012
Ok! I just wanted to make sure~
FreakyZombieChick Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2012
The Skull can talk in whatever language she wants, but Lady is more of the body language type of speaking.
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