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December 23, 2011
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Two years since her hive was taken down. The King was the first to fall and lead the path to the Queen, the true mastermind behind the hive. It soon fell down when the bravest of the brave went into it take her down for good. Lots of lives were lost but thousands more were spared. It is unknown if the Princess made it out alive and will follow the Queen's footsteps or she had died with everyone else in it. Only ruins and a few walls of the hive is still standing, but with each passing day it is slowly crumbling back into the ground it once came. Only a few glimpsed inside the palace of the Queen, and saw what her true nature. Even with peace in the lands, the people still fear that she will rise again and spread her terror once more. But Mike thinks otherwise.

La La visited him every day and told stories about her home world. The alien smiled and laughed with him, bring him food and flowers, making his room crowed. But today was different; the alien wasn't her normal happy self. La La had leave soon, back to her home without humans. She said her goodbyes and left for her own family.

As time went on, the hive just became a bad nightmare that slept in the darkest corners of history. The Queen and King become from rulers of a nasty reality into a scary fairytale. Their stores were told to the youth to not go into the dark and stay indoors when night fell, or the evil Queen will get them and make them into her army of children. But a few still go on with their lives, knowing what truly happened.

A new story is about to be beginning, with a new ruler, a new Queen. But if she is a kind hearted one or as twisted and crazy like her mother? Nobody knows, but they will soon find out.


Mike was throwing with his right hand and left, trying to get them equal again. But pain and aches still stung his skin of his new healed arm. He rotated his left shoulder, getting his blood to pump into it to pass the pain.

A sudden noise of cries and cheers from behind him made him stop. He lite his last cigarette and went to see what all the commotion was about. He went into the crowd and saw the streets were cleared from the [people and cars. A parade was coming through. People and creatures came all sorts of the city was in it. Elegant creatures danced on the streets, passing out flyers in the crowd. All in sync with each other, flowing like a smooth river. There were exotic type animals and clowns giving out free prizes to the children.

But only one thing caught Mike's eye of the crowd. A girl sitting on top of a float made out flowers and blowing bubbles. She resembled someone close to him, a little too close. This girl had snow white hair and a torn grey dress, with a very low cut top. Most of her bare skin was covered, even her mouth and nose. Then stood up from her seat and waved to everyone. The crowd cheered and whistled at her. The girl then jumped down from the float. When she was about to land, her body only hovered for a few moments. Mike knew she was hovering not falling down by gravity. Then she landed on the ground, curling herself into a ball. The crowd went silent and waited. Then she opened herself up to release pink orbs everywhere. The bubbles were a tornado around her, making her glow bright pink. Then they explode in a glittered frenzy. The biggest one exploded in black streamers, releasing a person inside. The person was a tall man with snow white skin, and dark pink eyes. He fell behind the girl and picked her up, holding her with grace and balance.

The crowed went nuts for them, their screams and shouts of joy and excitement. Those you didn't gab the flyers were now grabbing handfuls of the papers. Mike was able to grab one and gazed back at the acting duo. The girl was now on the man's shoulder, waving to the gathering of people. Even with her mouth covered, she blew them kisses. The floats of the circus moved down the street, taking the crowd with them.

Soon the streets were bare and the noise was dying down to a soft whisper of cars and people walking. Mike stood on the sidewalk, watching life go back to normal. He looked down at the flyer and saw the first show was tonight.

"That girl is weird she minds me…it can't be…" Mike spoke, denying his own words.

But then it came to him. He saw La La dress up as a few times, even go as far has having skin and hair. This circus girl seems to be like his alien friend, but that can't be her. His friend is on her home planet, Zen Coe, no way can she be back so quickly. Something is not adding up.

"I have to go to her show."
This is the sequel to "Her Hive".


Mike (c) ~RadecMaelsev
Kuko (c) =Hali-Chan
Mimieux (c) ~avirextin
Jack (c) ~passthewaffles92
everything else (c) me
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avirextin Dec 25, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Nice start! Anxious to see the next act. :D
avirextin Dec 27, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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